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It's Okay to Ask for Help

My daughter had a really bad accident the other day. She will be okay in time, but it was really scary. As a mom, I had to stay calm with our drive to the emergency room and several surgeon consults. I'm still absorbing all that happened. I learned that we wouldn't have gotten the best care possible for her, if we didn't reach out to friends and family for help and advice.

It's so important to know that if you are struggling with something, reach out to those people who will support and help you. Sometimes, it's not easy to ask for help. Sometimes, we feel that we 'should' be able to handle certain situations on our own. Sometimes we feel that it is too embarrassing to share our true feelings about what is happening.

I encourage you to share with the right people, not everyone. You do need to pick carefully when you ask for help and share those emotions and feelings that make you feel vulnerable. Pick family and friends who you know will only want the best for you. Please share. Please ask for help. One thing for sure is that sometimes life can be tough and the only way to get through it is with help.

Subscribe to my website and you will be able to download a page from my book, "Express Yourself! Joyful Journaling for Kids." The "Surrounded by Support" page will give you a moment to fill out all of the people in your life that you can turn to for help.

I am thinking of you all and wishing you the best of days! Message me for anything!

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