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Pay Attention to Your Own Style

The second chapter of, "Express Yourself, Joyful Journaling for Kids" was created to journal about your favorite things and your personal style. Why? Because there are so many people in the world trying to tell us what we 'should' like, what we 'should' look like, & what we 'should' care about. We are all inundated with social media, friends, and parents telling us, shaming us, or making us feel embarrassed about the things we like and don't like.

When we really pay attention to what we love, it allows us to embrace and accept ourselves. We learn to value our uniqueness and that is an amazing thing. Remember that when you value your favorite things, you can grow into the person that you want to become (no matter how old you are).

Please approach this chapter with an understanding that your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are amazing. They are valuable. Your ideas make this world a better place. Your favorite things make you special. Please don't journal what others like. Express Yourself! Take a few deep breaths and get writing. You may be surprised at what you find out about yourself!

Message me with any questions or discoveries of what you find out!

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