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Writing Support

Writing can be a lonely job. We need a community that can offer support. I'm creating a safe space where you can learn, receive honest feedback, and grow as a writer. I truly believe that the world needs your work. So let's get it out there... together!

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Supportive Writing Groups

Let's meet once a month and support each other! It's so important to have a community that encourages, but gives honest and kind feedback. Join Me as I facilitate a group of writers while we write together and support each others needs. I’ll be giving writing tips, prompts, and we can all give gentle but honest feedback to make your writing expand & grow. Submit 5 pages two weeks before meeting for review. I will assign teams each month for review and I will review as well. For my shy writers, this part is optional. I know… it takes courage to show others your writing & work, but we will help you get there. I will read all pages and give my feedback privately.

$20/per session.


1:1 Calls

Spend some time with me talking about your writing goals and how I can help support you. I've had two books published. One non-fiction & one fiction. Let's talk about what you need to do to get your book written, get your book ready for publishing, or what your next steps are once you are at a stopping point. I'll also guide you on pitfalls to watch out for as well and how to make sure you are protected. There are so many avenues that I'm happy to work with you on. Let me know your needs and let's work together.

$50/per hour or $133 for 3 sessions.


Pages/Manuscript Read - Developmental

Let's work on gaps in your work so that we can make your work even better. This is where we look at pacing, timing, missing information, showing/telling, and scenes that need clarification. I’ll read through and give my honest feedback of where you can expand your work and make it even better!


1st 5 pages- $20

1st 2 Chapters - $50

1st 100 Pages - $150

Whole Manuscript - Depends on the number of pages. Reach out for a quote.

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